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Closing the Gender Digital Divide in Africa

Statistics show that only 27% of women in Africa have access to the internet but only 15% can afford to use it – the implications of this are vast, ranging from women not having access to information, education, skills, and other tools they need to make their lives easier in a world that is quickly digitising. 

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Digi Savvy Africa aims to contribute to the closure of this gap by providing opportunities to train girls and women in digital courses, giving them access to digital skills resources, computers, as well as access to free internet – the tools needed to advance their digital skills. This will be done in partnership with the Digital Malawi Project through the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre under Ntha Foundation, and other organisations.

There are two hubs open currently under the Ntha Foundation, one in Lilongwe and the other in Mangochi offering fully-funded digital skills trainings over the next 3 months. 

In the previous cohort (which ran from May 2021- July 2021) we trained 83 students, 53 of which were female representing more than 60% rate for female students. In our next cohort, which begins on the 30th of November 2021, we have 150 students of which 60% are female students. 

It is our hope that through the lessons offered, women and girls can gain the skills to build, work, and keep up with the digitising world around them. Our courses range from beginner to advanced and our students can progress as time goes by with each cohort.

Digi Savvy Africa

We offer a variety of courses for people of all ages including; Digital Skills for Teens, Digital Skills for Kids, Internet Basics and Skills for Business, Digital Marketing and Communications, and Web Design and Branding.

We are currently working on developing courses that center on women and girls, particularly on how to utilize the virtual environment to help solve problems that specifically affect women and girls in Africa.

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